Bedford South School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. 

Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within 2 business days. 


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Healy, Helen Principal 902-832-5800 ext. 1
Boudreau, Shauna Vice Principal 902-832-5800 ext. 2
Taylor, Jane Vice Principal
Ashton, Jennifer Administrative Assistant 902-832-5800 ext. 0
Haines, Stephanie Administrative Assistant 50% 902-832-5800 ext. 0

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Althouse, Holly School Counsellor
Barr, Michele Primary
Bembridge, Shelly Two ext. 6111249
Bonin, Clare Two ext. 6111248
Christie, Stephanie Primary
Cobean, Angie Three ext. 6111228
Connors, Makayla Core French 20%
Cooper-Linney, Shannon Early Literacy/Reading Recovery ext. 6111141
Curry, Christine Four
Dillon , Erika One ext. 6111237
Gagnon, Adrian Three ext. 6111229
Gallant, Lindsey Five
Goodyear, Regina Resource - 80%
Grove, Frieda Resource 20%
Hardy, Stephanie Music 100% ext. 6111170
Hawley, Sheila Two ext. 6111246
Henwood, Ryan Music 50% 6111169
Hiscock, Kaylee Three/Four
Jarvis, Emily Three ext. 6111226
Johnston, Samantha Two - 50% ext. 6111272
Khoury-Smith, Caroline Core French 100%
Kidd, Cheryl Primary 40%
Knox, Mary One 40% ext. 6111128
Landry, April Four
Landry, Nicole Resource & Learning Center
Lang, Erik School Counsellor 902-832-5800 ext. 3 Website
Lisa, Belbin Learning Centre ext. 6111220
MacDonald, Amy Five
MacDonald, Laura One ext. 61111239
MacPhail, Tanya English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Madden, Denise Physical Education ext. 6111154 Website
McCauley, Rebecca Strings
McNeil, Melissa English as an Additional Language (EAL) Website
Mees, Alicia Primary 60%
Morgan, Cheltyn Four
Murray, Emma Lee Primary
Murray, Kelly Four
Murray, Nancy Early Literacy/Reading Recovery ext. 6111142
Naherniak, Christy One 60% ext. 6111128
Parsons, Dawn Learning Center ext. 6111121
Piercey, Jeffrey Physical Education
Roberts, Christina Four
Robinson, Brianna Five
Rudolph, Ainslie One ext. 6111236
Seminatore, Christy Five
Sernoskie, Ben Primary
Sharpe, Amy Two ext. 6111247
Shears, Russel Learning Center ext. 6111125
Staple, Colleen Three ext. 6111227
Taylor, Jane Two - 50% ext. 6111272
Taylor, Rebecca Resource ext. 6111218
Totton, Helen One ext. 6111272 Website
Wells, Alyssa Grade 1/2

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abdo, Margreet EPA 80%
AL-Mansob, Wafa EPA 80%
Ali, Salwa EPA 80%
Almansob, Haifa EPA 50%
Appleby, Karin EXCEL Group Leader
Babbings, Nathan EPA 80%
Deveau, Huguette EPA 100%
Duncanson, Donna EPA 100%
Faulkner, Kimberley EPA 80%
Iskander, Khalida EPA 80%
Laginnasse, Julie YMCA School Settlement Staff 902-830-3346 ext. 6111214
Laleh, Mahtab EPA 80%
MacLeod, Kimberley Speech Language Pathologist
Ni, Tingting EPA 80%
Patel, Rinal EPA 80%
Rath, Maria School Psychologist
Roberts, Wendy 100% Librarian
Ron, Carmen EPA 80%
Sawnani, Kashish EPA 80%
Sibani, Maya Child & Youth Care Practitioner (CYCP)