Bedford South School

Substitute Teachers

Are you teaching today as a substitute
at Bedford South School today?

Here is some information to help you organize your day.

Morning instruction begins at 8:45 am, but teachers are expected to be present by 8:25 am. Morning duty also begins at 8:25 am, so it may be helpful to be here a little earlier if you are needed to supervise for the morning.

Lunch hour runs from 11:45 am until 12:45 pm.

Dismissal of studentsin all grades is at 2:50 pm.  Teachers are expected to stay until 3:10 pm.

Be sure to check in at the office with Ms. Ashton or Ms. Moore upon arrival to sign in and obtain a staff tag. This will help to ensure that all payroll information is accurate.

Please take a moment in the class to read over any extra sub plans and to glance through the BSS Staff Handbook. An understanding of routines is always helpful, particularly those for fire alarms.

As part of our P.E.B.S. program here at BSS we present students with “Eagle Eggs” each Friday.  Eagle Eggs are awarded to students when we catch them behaving appropriately and showing respect for classmates, teachers and themselves. If you do not have any “Eagle Eggs” in the class, ask a team teacher or at the office.

Teachers like to hear how the day has gone with their class. Please leave a note telling them what the class has accomplished and about your day here at BSS.